Dr. Ma Shujun publish the review on Konosuke Matsushita historical museum

From 3:00PM to 5:00PM, 25th May, 2012, the Chairman & President of CIMM Group Dr. Ma Shujun made time from his busy business schedule , specially travelled to Panasonic head office and visited Konosuke Matsushita historical museum in Osaka together with the Japanese market representative Mr. An Weijun,.

The founder of Panasonic Mr. Konosuke Matsushita is one of idols in Dr. Ma shujun’s in college time. The visit to Panasonic this time , Dr. Ma was deeply moved by the enterprise culture and professional dedication spirit of Panasonic and sent his review back from Japan as follows:

“The purpose of the production is to enrich daily necessities of the people, improve and extend its life content. These two points are also my desire. The ultimate aim of Panasonic is accomplish these missions. I hope we can do our best and march forward bravely.” This is the Chairman’s Statement made by the founder of Panasonic Mr. Konosuke Matsushita on 5th May, 1932. I think the purpose of a business is to satisfy the demand first and our CIMM Group is no exception. We need to find market, search for the sales channels. In fact we are finding the demand of other companies and getting ready to satisfy and expand the demand of related companies.

At present, the world economy is at the bottom, the demand is also changing, it is the time we need to find market opportunity. The Japanese companies like this and the companies in other countries are no different. The survival of an enterprise need to reduce the production cost, now our opportunity comes, I think CIMM Group can meet the demand of electric furnace in Japan.

Mr. Konosuke Matsushita wrote in“View on Benefit”that “doing business is same as a fight for real in the battlefield, therefore one can not take the chance for one time gain or loss, why? I think that winning or losing is the same as the real fight in the battlefield. The winner is all right, but the loser will die. So I think that it is the same for doing business. One will never lose money in doing business. More business will of course generate much more money, therefore one shall never lose money. This is the way of wining for business.’’ Mr. Konosuke Matsushita emphasized repeatedly in “View on Benefit” that doing business never lose money. One can see how important the benefit to the enterprise. Losing money means that the company is unable to exist, the aim of production can’t be achieved either, not to mention the contribution to society and human beings.  Isn’t that the same regarding our CIMM? How to calculate the cost?How to reduce the expenses? All these related to making profit or not in the company. Loser will die. Sowe must win this battle in the Japanese market.

When I watched the video for Deng Xiaoping’s visit to Japan and asked Mr. Konosuke Matsushita to aid China, the answer of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita was very positive and the both great men shook hands tightly, my tear shed because they brought happiness for Chinese. The value of enterprise increased. I think that Konosuke Matsushita helped the Chinese people and he must have confronted the pressure coming from Japanese political force and some Japanese companies at that time. By bringing the technology of Panasonic to China means that he can produce the product in China and sell cheap. An enterprise can’t be without profit, but the profit isn’t the only objective for an enterprise. Now many Chinese companies are going for profit by hook or by crook. Even foodstuff firms ignored the people’s health by selling dangerous food to them in order to get profit. So the enterprise culture and production aim of Panasonic became much more estimable in this respect.

Although the world economy is in low ebb and Panasonic got no marrow escape, it’s said that their deficit is 90 billion Japanese Yan in the first quarter of this year, yet the people of Panasonic are not discouraged. Because the value of company is in the depth of Panasonic people’s heart. Because the possession of the cultural deposits and team spirit, all staff has formed a common view that nothing is impossible. This is the view and value that CIMM people should also possess:
corporate culture+ team spirit = achieve enterprise value+ life value.

【Editor’s Note】With debt crisis of Europe and economic downturn of America, the Japan economy is also in low ebb. Once overcrowded station of shinkansen now became desolate. Facing with serious economic situations, let’s under the leadership of the Chairman of CIMM Group Dr. Ma, unite as one and go all out the work, “turning crises into opportunities, ideological emancipation, forming comprehensive cooperation and archive great development ”.