CIMM Energy Consortium established in China and UK

While most of the countries in the world are in pursuit of carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality, especially in the context of the energy crisis in Europe, they have accelerated the pace of energy transition. Photovoltaic power generation is the clean energy with the lowest cost and with long-term benefits. It is naturally and widely favored by the market, thus causing a situation that the photovoltaic products are in short supply.

In order to help our customers reduce corporate energy costs, reduce carbon footprints, and reduce unnecessary carbon taxes (CBAM, ETS), CIMM Group has established CIMM Energy Consortium in China and in London, providing photovoltaic power generation solutions and the best products and services, including photovoltaic power plant development, rooftop PV project development, construction, maintenance and operation of solar energy projects on basis of BOO, BOT, EPC, EPCF etc.

CIMM Energy integrates the most efficient, reliable and most advanced PV panels, inverters and energy storage systems in China and the world, and provides the world's most advanced solar power system integration and technical solutions.