The brilliance of CIMM professional team at the AIST exhibition

On May 5th, just after the "May 1st" long holiday, Sui Dongyan, Vice-Chairman of CIMM Group, immediately led a professional team to the United States to participate in the AIST exhibition, to show CIMM Group's new innovative products and one-stop solutions in green steelmaking, energy saving and emission reduction to global steel enterpriese. Many customers from steel industry and even AIST exhibitors actively visit CIMM's booth to inquire about CIMM Group’s products and solutions related to green steelmaking, energy saving and emission reduction. They are very interested in CIMM’s green steelmaking concept and want to use CIMM's new products to boost their achieving energy saving and emission reduction. The steelmaking energy-saving technology and Smart Electrode Regulator promoted by CIMM Group are especially valued by these customers, because this product can improve the thermal efficiency of their steelmaking workshop by more than 10%, shorten the smelting time by 5-8%, and save energy by more than 5% , and also reduce noise by 3-5dB. Especially the steelmaking efficiency improvement can reduce their procurement of steel billets from outside, which can greatly reduce costs for the enterprises and bring various values and benefits.
The following are snapshot of CIMM team meeting with customers at the AIST exhibition: