Meeting with the Ambassador of Republic of Congo to UK in London for various investment projects

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As Europe's energy crisis is intensifying, forward-thinking industrial investors are turning to Africa, a continent with cheap energy and rich mineral resources. CIMM Group is one of the early birds starting to deploy various investment projects in African countries, including advanced graphite material production, photovoltaic power plants, mineral resource exploration and mining, timber processing.

On September 30, Dr Mark Shujun Ma, Group Chairman of CIMM Group, was received by the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to the United Kingdom in London. Dr Mark expressed that he was very optimistic about the huge market development opportunities in the Republic of Congo and planned to develop various investment projects in the Republic of Congo in the long term, focusing on the production of advanced graphite materials, photovoltaic power plants, timber processing factory, mining in copper, zinc, lithium and graphite mines, etc. His Excellency the Ambassador said that he would help CIMM Group by coordinating the relationship related with various governmental ministries in the Republic of Congo and provide utmost support for the successful implementation of CIMM's projects.