Dr. Shujun Ma visited Jing Gang Mountain

Group Chairman & President Dr. Shujun Ma visited Jing Gang Mountain and respectfully presented wreath to cemetery of revolutionary martyrs

During the working period in China NERIN, with the invitation by China NERIN Group Chairman Xiaobo Zhang,CIMM Group Chairman & president Dr.shujun Ma visited Jing Gang Mountain for research and study on 6th ,May.2012 accompanied by Director Qiaokun Zhang of NERIN International Cooperation Department and Deputy Director Siwen Yang from Work in Progress Department for NERIN Jing Gang Mountain Adolescent Education Base. Dr Shujun Ma had observed the locations comprehensively where Chairman Mao and veteran revolutionaries had lives and battles during their lifetime, seriously studied their outstanding achievements during their period of persisting fighting in Jing Gang Mountain. At the end of the visit, Group Chairman Dr. Shujun Ma had respectfully presented the wreaths to Jing Gang Mountain cemetery of revolutionary martyrs.

All the time Group Chairman Dr. Shujun Ma had a long-cherished wish to visit Jing Gang Mountain. Although previously he had been to NERIN three times for the Russian Project, the visit to Jing Gang Mountain had not been made till this trip to Nanchang. Group Chairman Dr.Shujun Ma spent three days on Jing Gang Mountain specially paying respects to the Jing Gang Mountain cemetery of revolutionary martyrs. He bought the wreath himself and wrote "Eternal respects to revolutionary Martyrs!", the signature is CIMM GROUP CO.,LTD. and his name. CIMM GROUP CO.,LTD. represents all the staff who are working in CIMM GROUP. The wreath frame is made of metal and decorated with white flowers. Though it is quite heavy to carry, Dr. shujun Ma insisted to carry the wreath up to the mountain top through 109 footsteps by himself and respectfully present the wreath to revolutionary martyrs. The 109 footsteps were separated into two parts: the bottom 49 footsteps represent People's republic of China was found in 1949 and the up 60 footsteps represent that 60's anniversary since New China was found.

In May, usually there will be a run of wet weather in Jinggang Mountain, however, during Group Chairman Dr. Shujun Ma's visit , Jinggang Mountain had experienced a rarely three days king's weather, clear sky with red sun and Xiaguang miles. Everybody said that it is quite a lucky and brilliant foreshadow. During the visit, Group Chairman Dr. Shujun Ma specially took a photo of a quotation from Chairman Mao in WELL KNOWN SAYING IN JINGGANG MOUNTAIN: "Cizun Wang was handling the human excrement a few days before, now he was the county magistrate for everybody. But the revolution would not be successful with his own effort ,the aim needed be fulfilled with unite and concerted efforts from everyone". Group Chairman Dr.Shujun Ma shared the WELL KNOWN SAYING IN JING GANG MOUNTAIN with all the staff in CIMM GROUP through email.

After the trip back from Jing Gang Mountain, Group Chairman Dr.Shujun Ma. immediately hold a group meeting, the meeting subject is: Carrying forward the spirit of Jinggang Mountain, insisting correct working route, staying together more closely, keeping hard working and plain living, constantly striving to become stronger and finally taking a new and greater victory. Dr.Shujun Ma emphasizes that: "The cooperation between NERIN and us is the cooperation between the most advanced culture and the most advanced mind which comes from two outstanding Chinese enterprises; is the cooperation which presenting the most advanced character of Chinese modern enterprise exhibited by two outstanding Chinese enterprises. Everyone in our CIMM GROUP should be powerful tinder, this tinder should connect the real Chinese market with international market requirement, especially should promote the most advanced technology from NERIN to overseas and realize our vision of “a single spark of fire can make a prairie fire”. We develop and expand Jinggang Mountain spirit, this spirit is regarded as great spirit, precious spirit, the spirit that make people progressive, the spirit that make people successful, if we grasp this spirit, we absolutely will walk from this victory to another greater victory".