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CMTS21300 CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine


This machine tool is a heavy-duty deep hole processing machine tool that can complete drilling, boring and nesting processing of deep holes for large-diameter heavy-duty parts. It is suitable for processing large oil cylinders, high-pressure boiler tubes, cast pipe molds, wind power spindles, ship transmission shafts and nuclear power tubes, etc. The machine tool adopts a high-low bed layout. The workpiece bed and cooling oil tank are installed lower than the carriage bed, which meets the requirements for clamping large-diameter workpieces and coolant return circulation. At the same time, the center height of the carriage bed is low, ensuring stable feeding. . The machine tool is equipped with a drill rod box, which can be selected according to the actual processing conditions of the workpiece. The drill rod can be rotated or fixed. It is a powerful heavy-duty deep hole processing equipment that integrates drilling, boring, nesting and other deep hole processing functions.
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