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CMCK51E series CNC single column vertical lathe


General-purpose CNC single-column vertical lathe, widely used in precision machining of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, planes, grooving, cutting, threading, and curved surfaces of discs, rings, and rotary parts. The whole machine has a compact structure, small footprint and high cost performance.
Structural features:
1. Seated structure, the joint surface of the column and base is injected with glue, which effectively absorbs heat and isolates vibrations. The whole machine has high rigidity and vibration resistance;
2. Vertical shaft main drive, spindle box gear adopts quenching process, two-speed stepless speed change, spindle center is equipped with encoder, with constant linear speed cutting function;
3. The cross beam can stop at any position within the column's travel range, with highly user-friendly design and easy operation;
4. The X and Z-axis guide rails of the tool holder use wear-resistant sheets, and the surface of the guide rails is quenched to improve the wear resistance of the ram surface. The guide rails have long service life and high accuracy retention;
5. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components are integrated into one unit, with a compact structure and small footprint, which is convenient for transportation and installation and saves installation and adjustment cycles.
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