EPC Projects

Micro-EPC for Entire Continuous Casting Production Line


CIMM is the leading professional continuous caster designer and manufacturer with technology know-how. We are professional in providing the best solutions to satisfy all the requirements of our customers. We are dedicated to help our customers all over the world get the best performance with the lowest cost.

 Technical Specification of Continuous Caster


Machine type
whole arc continuous caster
Arc radius
continuously straightening
(depend on the continuous casting process)
Billet section
rectangular with any size
Length of billet cut-to-length
Steel type
carbon steel, low alloy steel, high quality carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel etc.
Strand distance
(depend on the continuous casting process)
Casting speed
0.5-3.6 m/min
(depend on the continuous casting process)
Dummy bar
rigid, flexible
Cooling type
whole water cooling,
air and water atomization cooling
Oscillation type
mechanical oscillation (semi board spring, whole board spring), hydraulic oscillation, sinusoidal oscillation, non-sinusoidal oscillation
Billet cut-to-length type
infrared camera+torch cutting machine
Straightening type
whole water cooling continuously straightening machine
Cutting type
pneumatic synchro fastening, pneumatic return motorless automatic torch cutting machine, double transmission automatic torch cutting machine
Roller bed
whole water cooling transporting roller bed
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