Mixing Machine

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Mixing Machine

The mixing machine is a leading product in metallurgical products of our company, and is mainly applied to many domestic and foreign iron & steel enterprises; particularly, large-specification mixing machines of various large iron & steel companies such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron & Steel, Shougang Group, Taiyuan Steel and Ansteel in China are undertaken by our company, and are highly praised by all the customers. Baosteel’s philosophy of “Quality Supreme, Complete Satisfaction” has become the most representative reflection in the evaluation of all the customers. New processes and new technologies of installing, welding and manufacturing large mixing machine barrels on site, which are initially created by our company, have been applied to many customer sites, solved the problem about transportation of large-specification mixing machines, and provided perfect technical guarantee for the application and promotion of large mixing machines in all regions of

1. The working principle and structure description:
Drum mixer equipment for metallurgical industry, used to mix black, non-ferrous metallurgy sintering materials, and materials to make the ball after mixing sintering machine, set between the dosing device and sintering machine, sintering machine provides uniform composition , moderate moisture, permeability good sinter mixture. Is the procedure before sintering. In the process of firing a blender and mix well with the material, so that the mixture of the components distribution, improve the mixing effect of the mix, and the initial granulation, second mixer for trimming water, steam preheating, add Suitable water case, so that the mixture granulation, providing uniform composition, moisture suitable permeability good mix for the sintering machine.
2. Technology Performance description:
Drum mixer is proportionally formulated mixes with water wetting, mixing and granulation to prepare a uniform composition, moisture suitable permeability good mix for the sintering machine. The main one is to add water mixer and mix wet mix, primarily secondary mixer is mixing and granulation mixture. Primary, secondary mixer structure is basically the same, except that the amount of water added is less than a second mixer mixer. A secondary mixer is mounted inclined at a predetermined angle on the basis of the input feeder to feed the cylinder during operation, due to the inclined cylinder, the material after a few minutes of repeated rolling forward, to complete the mixing of materials, granulation and transportation tasks, the material in the body movement of the cylinder during sprinklers required proportion to the material with water to reach the water suitability.
Drum mixer drive by its structure, the discharge end maintenance platform, the discharge end of the funnel, the discharge end of the roller and enclosures, feeding and sealing end roller cover, gear wheel device, cylinder assembly, gear cover, clean the feeding device, feeding hood, exhaust, sprinklers, spray steam system, centralized lubrication system, waste oil collection tank, blanking collection boxes, gear maintenance platform, the cylinder body protection brackets and other components.
3. Mechanical technical performance description
(1) cylinder assembly
Mixer cylinder with different thickness steel plate welded into the barrel rolling section, and then welded tube section and roll into a cylinder ring combination. Device consists of four sets of rollers supported by three axial gear wheel device limit, by the drive pinion and ring gear connected to the large cylinder on the drive cylinder rotation. Ring and cylinder parts of rolling ring has cover, between cover and cylinder form labyrinth seal. Feed-side setting feeding cover, both play on to spout seal, but also collect material feed end.
(2) roller, gear wheel device
Mixer total of four rollers, used to bear the weight of the entire rotating part of the rotating cylinder is realized by open-gear transmission, turn the barrel rolling ring and roller relative rolling bearing cylinder rotates smoothly. Roller in the process, to ensure that no forging defects, roller shaft subject to flaw detection, compliance with testing requirements.
Because of the tilt cylinder is installed, it sets the gear wheel to limit axial movement of the cylinder, and bear part of the additional axial force generated axial force and gear, limiting axial movement of the cylinder, two sets of gear wheel rolling ring is installed on both sides of the lower side of the discharge port, the discharge port side of a group, through the tapered surface and the rolling ring side wheel contact. Deviation from the normal operating position when the cylinder is too large to make timely adjustments to the wheel cylinder block in a normal position and safety.
(3) gear
Main drive by the main motor, main gear, couplings, gears Vice devices achieve normal operation of the device. Also by micro motor, dog clutch, micro gear, gears, Vice achieve jog run mixer. Work through the manual operation of the clutch lever, installed on the electrical control micro-switch ensures that only when the clutch is fully disengaged the main motor to start running, whereas only the main motor power, after the clutch is fully engaged, the micro motor can power work ensure the overall safety equipment.
(4) sprinklers and steam plant
According to the requirements of the sintering process, a mixed, mix two steam plant will be equipped with sprinklers and meet fully mixed mixture.
(5) lubrication system
Suggested the use of lubricating grease mixer. Between the rolling ring and roller, rolling ring between wheel and gear, ring gear and pinion gear at the use of thin oil lubrication spray lubrication system. A nozzle on which the compressed air and lubricating oil tube associated piping, pumps supplying oil and compressed air to mix at the nozzle outlet, diffusion under air pressure, the formation of mist sprayed onto the surface to be lubricated, the oil contains volatile dilution agent, immediately after the nozzle volatiles, i.e., the surface to form a solid lubricating oil, to effectively prevent wear of the contact surface. Roller bearing, gear wheel bearings, pinion bearings dry oil lubrication.
(6) and the chute cover body craniocaudal
Department head and tail chute welded structure, and between the cylinder by a labyrinth. Head (feed side) is supported on the platform or chute feed end bracket, bulk to bulk unloading chute by a small car regularly carried away, tail (discharge end) chute supported on the discharge end of the bracket, the upper part is provided with exhaust hood, gas generated in the mixer discharge, materials are mixed in the lower portion of the chute to the unloading belt conveyor. Rolling ring, roller, ring gear and pinion cover by the cover off (inspection hole) between the cover and the cylinder body also uses the labyrinth seal.
(7) the bracket (including platform)
Department of assembly bracket welded structure, supporting the head and tail chute, cover, and steam sprinkler devices.
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