Rotary Kiln

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Address: 12A, Network Industry Building, No. 541 Huangpu Road, High-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian-116085, Liaoning, China.
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Rotary Kiln

The rotary kiln is a leading product in rotary products of our company, and can be applied to many fields such as cement, mines, nickel smelting, chromium smelting, carbon, metallurgy and special materials; particularly, Φ5,500*115,000 rotary kilns which are exported to Burma and has the largest specification in Asia represent our entire comprehensive strength of processing, manufacturing, etc. More than ten product patents have been obtained only by this kind of product which also creates a new situation of exporting Chinese-made equipment.

The main purpose equipment and structural description:
Kiln mainly refers to solid materials for mechanical, physical or chemical treatment with rotary cylinder, mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and many other production industries.
Rotary consists of kiln, kiln seals and structural cooling device, cylinder, round belt and mounting plate, driving device, supporting rollers and supporting device, transmission, lubrication system, hydraulic gear wheel system, fan and three part of the air supply pipe, install horn, floor equipment, anchor bolts, special tools and instruments, electronic control devices, instrumentation and control devices.
1, kiln, kiln seals and structural cooling device
Rotary kiln is operated at high temperatures slight negative pressure. In order to prevent outside air into the kiln and smoke leaked material, designed with advanced composite scales seal structure, with high-temperature high elastic friction plates, fiber sheet, and relatively low cost, good sealing performance; can adapt to the shape of the barrel error (ovality, eccentricity, etc.) and running back and forth along the axial runout, wear lightweight, easy maintenance and repair.
Cooling Bihuan techniques for forced cooling of the kiln, the kiln through the fan blowing cold air to lower the temperature of the sealing sleeve contact surface, the lower portion of the nose ring is connected to an external duct, to achieve uniform cooling duct through uniform circumference, to prevent burn barrel, necking rings and seals flake board. Kiln at a relatively low temperature, and therefore does not require cooling.
2, cylinder
Rotary cylinder surface temperature is not high, so the cylinder material commonly used Q245R materials. Kiln ends kilns located sheeting, heat-resistant castings, and cylinder bolt connection.
3, tire and mounting plate
Integral casting wheel with a rectangular structure, shape simple, less casting defects, easy to get quality assurance.
Tire installation using loose sleeve mounted plate welded to the tube, plate outer and inner diameter of the wheel with a gap, located on both sides of the wheel with gear ring.
Tire normalizing, tempering, and strictly control its surface hardness. `
4, the drive means
Rotary drive form commonly used motor, reducer and drive into unilateral and bilateral drive. Rotary's role was divided mainly driven by the drive and auxiliary drive
Main drive: the main motor + coupling + Main + diaphragm coupling reducer + pinion, the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor.
Auxiliary drive: when the main motor or mains failure driving kiln kiln rotation to avoid bending deformation, configured in the form of an auxiliary geared motor + jaw + Main + diaphragm coupling reducer + pinion;
5, roller group and supporting device
Support means to bear the entire weight of the rotary kiln section, and make it smooth rotation.
Rotary kiln body length set by a different number of supported devices, generally have 3 levels of support and 4-speed support. Roller bearings are self-aligning spherical bearings, inner-pass cooling water for cooling.
6, lubrication system
Lubrication control package PLC control system that can detect every lubrication point of operation, fault alarm.
Control system is divided into automatic and manual two operation modes, manual operation of the installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures use; automatic running remote interlock with the host and run the local auto scene modes.
7, hydraulic gear wheel system
Hydraulic gear wheel is mainly to make uniform contact with the wheel and roller, both considering the expansion cylinder temperature calculation taken discrepancy with the actual situation, but also to consider the error of the lateral center of the pitch and install tire design requirements.
All hydraulic system pipes are made of stainless steel pipe, make sure in the case of pipe wall does not rust.
8, three fans and air hose
Three fans were distributed on the cylinder balance, and set duct connected between the fan and piping design butterfly; each has a separate set of duct tube is inserted inside the air duct, fan with slip ring transmission, frequency to adjust the amount of wind speed. Air supply means adapted to the kiln temperature conditions to meet the requirements of the air intake silencer, with automatic control air flow, the overall air evenly balanced weight distribution and to prevent intrusion of material capabilities, after which the valve closure can block high temperature flue gas, and fully meet the technical requirements.
Power transmitting means by a slip ring fixed to the kiln body slip ring and the brush device composed of the slip ring at a distance from each group by a slip ring and slip ring clamping device fixing the rotary kiln, each in contact with the corresponding slip ring brush means current through the brushes on the brush device transmitted to the slip rings, slip ring and then by conducting high temperature cables onto the kiln body fan. Such fan-powered form stable, low failure rate, easy accessibility, is an advanced rotary kiln fan power supply unit.
9, installation horn, equipment chassis, anchor bolts
Precision adjustment for installing the equipment in order to ensure the reliability of equipment operation and stability.
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