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The crusher is widely applied to the industries such as mines, smelting, coal, buildings, water conservancy, roads and railways, is important equipment for industrial and chemical production, and features excellent performance, convenient installation, reasonable structure, simple operation, low maintenance cost, etc.

1. classification and works:
Development crusher has 100 years of history, with the range of applications continues to promote a wide range of different broadly similar works, such as: ⑴ jaw crusher, ⑵ cone crusher, ⑶ crusher and so on.
⑴ Jaw Crusher works: jaw crusher is the use of compression and bending two jaw plates for materials, rough broken or broken in various hardness materials broken machinery. Its broken body from the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plates, near the time when the two materials Jibei jaw broken jaw when the two left the nesting population is less than a block of material discharged from the bottom.
⑵ cone crusher works: cone crusher, rotary motor through the pulley or coupling, transmission shaft and cone crusher cone crusher cone portion of the eccentric force move around a week under a fixed point for the Swing movement . So that the cone crusher broken wall sometimes and sometimes they leave the solid-mounted close to the adjustment sleeve rolling acetabular wall surface, the ore constantly under attack in the crushing cavity, pressing and bending and crushing ore achieved. Bevel gear drive motor through the eccentric rotation, so that the cone crusher for Swing movement. Sometimes close but sometimes broken cone away from the fixed cone, complete crushing and nesting. Support sleeve and the frame body connection by spring-loaded, when fall within the crusher and other non-metal block broken objects, which produce compression springs, exhaust foreign body, to achieve insurance, to prevent damage to the machine.
⑶ crusher works: when the machine is working, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, while the material into the plate hammer area, and the impact on the rotor hammer crusher, and then was thrown back on the device again broken, then from the back liner bounced back plate hammer again crushing area, this process is repeated, the material descending into the one, two, three broken back cavity repeated until the material is broken to the desired size, by the discharge port.
2. superior features:
⑴ jaw crusher:
1) Eat big gob, a large proportion of pre-broken and crushed, and high yield.
2) The slow speed of the rotor, the fastest was 330 r / min, the rotor is running particularly stable.
3) E head back adjustment device is equipped with overload protection, when lumps of metal material into the crushing chamber behind the device will automatically adjust broken jaw head protection from harm.
4) bearing cover parts of the labyrinth sealing process, the outside world is not easy to enter the internal bearing stone, extending bearing life.
5) pulley keyless access, disassembly and more convenient.
⑵ cone crusher:
1) Reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable operation and low operating costs.
2) a large crushing force, high efficiency and high yield.
3) convenient and reliable hydraulic system, can provide safe and effective overload protection.
4) a variety of crushing chamber, the size requirements to adapt to a wide range of products.
5) hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic clean cavity setting, much higher degree of automation.
6) Replace the broken wall, rolling acetabular wall filler-free.
⑶ crusher:
1) back board and the board hammer gap can be easily adjusted, effective control of a material particle size, particle shape well.
2) along the joint surface ore crushing, so less power consumption and high efficiency.
3) keyless access, easy maintenance, economical and reliable.
4) crushing full-featured, high productivity, mechanical wear small, high overall efficiency.
5) high chrome plate hammer, impact, abrasion resistance, impact force.
6) simple structure, small size, light weight, large capacity, low production costs. Feed opening, high crushing chamber to adapt to high material hardness.
7) crushing ratio, up to 40, so you can simplify the crushing process, make two or three stage crushing become a broken, reducing the cost of concentrator equipment.
3. for the system range:
⑴ jaw crusher, ⑵ cone crusher, ⑶ crusher, ⑷ Double Roll Crushers and other specifications.
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