BG-type Series Automatic Torch Cutting Machine of slab for Continuous Casting

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Tel: +86-411-62885583
Address: 12A, Network Industry Building, No. 541 Huangpu Road, High-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian-116085, Liaoning, China.
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 BG type Automatic Torch Cutting Machine for Continuous Casting slab is designed and produced by our company. Since 1992, there are many steel-smelting works in domestic, which have applied our BG-type ATCM for cutting continuous casting slab, such as TaiYuan, TianJin, KunMing, LingYuan, JiNan, Bao Steel, Shanghai and Chongqing steel-smelting works etc. The product has held over 80% in domestic market.
· This cutting machine is applied to cut casting plate slab of carbon steel, alloy steel and special steel with a width of 400-2000mm and temperature range from room temperature to 800oC.
· This cutting machine has a system for fixed length with a photoelectric coder and an automatic or semi-automatic cutting process. It is able to cut wide-plate rapidly and accurately under the condition of continuous working in high temperature.
· Distribution of mechanical structure is compact and rational, its function is complete, and the machine works smoothly and reliably. In the process of cutting, the cutting machine synchronizes the casting slab, while the cutting traveler moves across.
· The cutting way is that two or four guns (for cutting sample) move in the opposite direction above a slab and cut the slab at the same time. The distance of the two guns at the end and the optimum cutting height are regulated according to need.
· The control system of energy and the improvement of the cutting guns contribute to the safety and steadiness of the cutting torch, the line of torch is straight and superior.
· The spraying powder device is designed specially for cutting special steel slab.
· The cooling systems and the thermal covers are installed in all main parts to prevent heat deformation and assure the long service life.
· Operation by push button on a control desk conforms the requirement of modernization.
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